THOMAS TORREY / filmmaker Charlotte | USA

// Narrative Work//

Who I Want To Be (Director) 
Sandcastle (Co-Writer/Director) image
Training Wheels (Writer/Director)
Old Henry (Writer/Director) image

Family. Dinner. Grace. (Writer/Director)
Enjoy the View (Writer/Director)
Faithfulness (Co-Writer/Director)
Thank You For Your Service (Writer/Director) image
My Dad Was Just A Barber (Co-Writer/Director) image

It’s Been An Honor Mr. Lucas (Director)
Little Star (Writer/Director) image

All the Broken Pieces (Writer/Director)

Price (Writer/Director) image
The Magnetizer (Writer/Director) 

Spec Ads (Writer/Director)

The Eternal Place of Joy and Light (Writer/Director)
What Did the Three-Legged Cat Say to the Corpse of Its Dead Grandmother? (Writer/Director) image

Richard (Writer/Director)


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